mind body soulHey I’m Charlie, 40 years old, trying to improve myself each and everyday in this artificial so called modern box world.  For many years I tried finding out my purpose in this ego built environment.

From food, to spirituality, to education, to work i have always wondered the purpose of life.  After years of dipping in and out of healthy conscience eating from the age of 9, and always wondering the purpose of education, work and our mere existence; i have learnt now and i am able to answer these wonders with firm stance and yet i still am happy to be changing on the firm stance i have.  As i believe its important to be changing because this means i am improving my self and becoming better & better each & every day.

So the purpose of this website or blog; i will mainly be blogging about what i have learnt over the years about the systematised modern world we live in and still learning.  I have learnt every thing is just a placebo, we make our own reality.  Dr Joe Dispenzas work has been a great inspiration recently and many of the likes over the years.  This more for my spiritual aspect as well as influencing many other areas of my life, especially health and work.  And connecting to the deeper self.

For education the likes of John Gatto, has been a great inspiration, which i will discuss further in my future posts and place the link on here alongside other great speakers.

Well that’s a brief little summary about me and this blog, but you will soon learn lots more about me in the posts to come.

I do hope you continue to follow me and take benefit from my website, if you have any questions please do contact me here.  And if we are in anyway similar it will be great to meet like minded individuals.







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