Cancer, Cancer, Cancer, is there a cure?

cancerSimple answer YES!
Oh my this is all I’m coming across recently so I thought I start my blog on this.

A friend of mine who is a gas safe plumber in Birmingham has a close relation who is suffering from this debilitating dis-ease.  I tried everything to explain that it’s not actually cancer that’s going to kill him…read on and you will get what I mean.

What is cancer?
Contrary to popular belief cancer doesn’t kill, a belief I stand firm upon. Cancer cells are actually caused by the patient themselves, it’s not something that just pops up, it could be years and years of withholding, not dealing with issues and it begins to eat away inside yourself more important eat away at your cells.

For instance I believe we all have cancer cells within us, some are within our genes, however genes are switched on and off.

So if you have left memory of any Undealt Matters within your cells, you can either keep that cell dormant or activate it by your environments.

Many times its activated by the environment! And the gene is then switched on.
Let’s say for generations or the last three most importantly have died of breast cancer and suddenly you get to that age and you suddenly feel a lump in your breast which could just be your stagnant lymph system, but due to the belief you have held and your environment you can suddenly switch that gene on and get that cancer or don’t believe it and never let it get switched on.
Also whilst on breast cancer, mammograms are deadly to say the least, they KILL. If you again have an small lump and then you go to have mammogram to rule out cancer, but as soon as that machine clamps down on it, it crushes it and can cause it to pop and spread the cells everywhere rapidly when infact if left it would possibly never have been cancer.

Feeling annoyed?? Betrayed by the ongoing betrayal of the medical profession??

The profit gaining medical profession are only interested in meeting targets, so if you come in with just a pimple and it’s that week or say they haven’t met their target for administering certain amount of drugs, instead of giving you diet related advice, they will just say, hey, it could be this and have these drugs and you sorted same principle with cancer, they detect cancer cells that are possibly dormant but to be on safe side (of their targets they need to meet) they just say let cut, prod, chemo and the whole malarkey!!

cancer cure

Its crazy but that’s the world we living in guys, so please if you know anyone suffering just advise them to go natural!

I really love the website, do check it out and learn the truth guys!  They are doing a fabulous job and raising awareness so do join their campaign too.

Again guys if you need me for anything make sure to reach out to me here.

peace x

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