High Temperatures/fevers!

So what do you do if you have a high temperature or fever?

high tempParacetamol??

If you answered yes to all off above, then you must be suffering from high temperatures and fevers, a lot or your children if they are treated as above.

Let’s first see why we get high temperasures?

We get high temperatures because it’s our bodies way of dealing with treating, healing and recovering from any issues that arise in our immune system.  The saying; “no pain, no gain” is actually somewhat true!  What happens is that, any bad bacteria or unknown bodies enter the body, the immune system will come into full force and begin to raise the bodies temperature.  By doing this no bad bacteria or contrary substance can survive at such high temperature.  So the high temperature kills of all the bad bacteria and once done will regain the correct temperature.

Now let me get this straight, I do my best to explain in Laymans term with less scientific terminology so it’s much easier to understand and grasp,  but you must know this is all scientific.

Whilst the temperature is high, it is best to really support the body, if you do this it will make it easier on the body to recover much quickly.

What should we do when we get a high temperature?

peppermint teaSupporting through lots of liquids, like water, bone broths, anything comforting for the patient.  And if it is a baby, lots of kisses and cuddles with breastfeeding, and just resting with baby.  If not breastfeeding, stick to the kisses and cuddles and other fluids, children tend to like ice lollies [make sure they are home made with no sugar].

peppermint essential oilPeppermint Oil is said to relieve or help with fever, rather it soothes and comforts the one with the fever. It has been known for centuries for its healing properties.  Applying at the soles of the feet can be very calming and relaxing to the whole body.

What happens when we use conventional medicine?

Using conventional medicine means that you are suppressing the symptoms.  You are not letting the body do its’ job that it is perfectly well designed for.  Our bodies are self healing, God created them to do miraculous healing that we need to just put our full trust in Gods’ creation and sit back and let it work miracles.

The suppressing will do just that suppress and come back in vengeance again and again, hence the saying we always hear “my child is always getting sick etc etc”.  Well of course, you will keep getting sick because you have not let the body do what’s it is designed to do and you’ve forced it too stop in its’ track.  Think of it this way, if you put a lid on a glass jar with something hot in it, you end up sealing it but as soon as you open it, it’s open again to attracting bacteria build up.

The paracetamol is the seal to the fever, once it’s effect wears off then the bacteria and fever comes back in vengeance!  Hence once open eat within 3 days warning!  We really do need to be careful how we treat fever, it can really set the table for the future.  We need to go back in time use the traditional methods of healing.  Its not quackery as the medical profession claim it to be, rather contrary to what oath they take when entering medical school.  But that is for another post, which I will discuss next time.

Thank you for reading peeps, any questions pop us an email here.

Peace x


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