Is tap water even drinkable?

The question I keep getting asked is it okay to drink tap water?


tap water

Tap water

After much research on the matter I would stay well away from drinking water, straight from the tap.  Firstly, so much chemicals have been added as it is recycled water.  Birmingham water is said to be one of the worst and some say the opposite.  Well, I put this to the test and found to my surprise, that it did not have a lot of total deposits as I thought it would.  So it would be best to say its reasonable and I have started using it in rinsing etc.  But still avoid cooking with it.

Reverse Osmosis or Berkeys?

I looked in to reverse osmosis filter and found that it still would not make pure water or H2O.  There is a lot of sites advocating the Berkey filter which is just a brand and you can find cheaper filters without the price tag, that do the exact same job as a Berkey.  They also have introduced the fluoride filtering option, however said that it still does not create H2O.

The next question is what creates H2O?drinking water

Distilled water!

Yes, distilled water is the answer to what nature creates.  H2O, is what is naturally occurring in nature, through rain water, snow, fruits and vegetables etc.  We need pure water without any deposits, that when we drink water it picks up any inorganic materials and flushed them out of the system.  In turn creating an alkalising body.  Water which is pure only contains two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen, hence it has a lot of space to pick up the aforementioned materials when drank.

There are many critics, even by the likes of Dr Mercola, however i totally disagree and agree with this website which can be found here and is an excellent read.  Our body needs pure water, to keep it clean.  If a car, only does well with distilled water, and cosmetic products, steamers etc, then why don’t our bodies deserve the best?

It just doesn’t make sense those who put distilled water down, using the argument that it contains no minerals and leaches your body of minerals.  This is a lame and futile argument which really has no basis.  Our diet should consist of fruit and vegetables to obtain the essential minerals.  It cannot leach minerals from your body at all as it only picks up inorganic material that your body does not need and will eventually exit somehow.  The water is created as such that its function is just that, ‘a purifier’.

The water distiller works as nature works as seen in picture:distilled water process

home water distillerThere are many options on the internet for buying water distillers, the home option is much more reasonable in price.  You can also get industrial ones  that can be installed within the home and in the long run becomes a much cheaper option.  Also, there are many videos on YouTube on the health benefits of distilled water.


Editing:  Also it has come to my attention, that properties with really old pipes and gas pipes need to make sure they have a landlord gas certificate Birmingham annually carried out, as well as all letting properties, to make sure everything is safe and also a Legionella Risk assessment to make sure water is safe to drink too, it is crucial as a tenant you obtain these for your safety and it is also required by law.

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