Mind Body Soul Spirit

Isn’t Soul and Spirit essentially the same thing?
mind body soul spirit






These words are used interchangeably and that’s ok I believe. The essence is the within.

To believe that “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience but we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.

I believe, and in religious scriptures our outer is a gift from God and we must nurture it and take care of this miraculous gift. If we do not, we truly have not given thanks to our Creator for what He has given us.
Once we take care of our bodies only then we can give thanks to our Lord then become true worshippers of Him and then we can be at service to His creation.
Otherwise we can never be at service to others.

Many a times people say I’m doing this  for so and so, namely close family members and yet neglecting themselves.  How can you be at service to them when you have not taken care of yourself.  This does not make sense, if you sick yourself and taking care of someone else, do you really think you will b able to take care of them whilst being sick? NO! Ofcourse not.

So we really need to take care of ME first and once we do, we can easily take care of anyone as you will be in full form.  Please if you take nothing else from this post but this:

Start loving yourself first! Then you have truly conquered the world, have become affluent in every sense.

Why do you think people have midlife crisis?  It’s because for many years they are told to take care of everyone else but them.  Let’s talk about women, they grow up thinking that they will as a daughter, sister, mother etc will take care of everyone else, they come into a trap thinking everyone is relying on them so they try to control the situation and get trapped in this downward spiral.

Little do they realise what they are doing all these years trying to control something that they infact can not and take care of people who are already taken care off!  But they become lost and suddenly when children are older and doing there own thing they feel lost and become lost, fall into depression etc.


Only once they start following their passion they will feel relieved. Once they start loving themselves they will realise there is no need to control anyone else as God controls and they control their own thoughts and they are individuals just like you are.

It a beautiful thing – life…we just need to understand it and keep looking in the mirror.

If you are struggling please feel free to contact me or share and I’ll do my best to help.

Peace x

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