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vicious cycle

A Vicious Cycle – A Sugar Addict

It has been a while since I put a post up as i have been extremely busy and life has just been happening.  Recently i have been coming across a lot of addicts to SUGAR, yes sugar!  So i thought i write a piece on it so it can help some of you realise the truth about sugar, as i notice not many people are aware of this drug and consume it daily but only to get sick from it and its withdrawal symptoms.

Lots of you may be unaware but ‘you are a sugar addict’.  I challenge you to give up sugar for 3 days, I guarantee you that you will find it hard to get past the first day.  If not a week later you will be having such withdrawal symptoms that you will go back to sugar.  This is the same for anyone who tries to give up cigarettes, they relapse.  In fact it was found that sugar is more addictive than nicotine!  I watched a movie some time back called ‘Fed Up!’, which is currently available on Netflix if you want to watch it, you will find all the statistics in this movie.  It was a real eye opener, how we are being targeted by marketing companies to become sugar addicts.  This is all to feed profit to the big players in the market at our detriment.

It is even shocking, in fact, very upsetting that children are being targeted who become obese and sick at such a young age.  diabetesIn 1980 there was no such thing as diabetes or obesity for children and since it has grown to the millions.  Many are pre-diabetic, diabetic and insulin dependant.  Even those who eat all this sugar but look extremely slim can in fact be pre-diabetic or even diabetic because if it isn’t showing externally without a doubt the internal picture will be totally different.

diffsugarThere are different forms of sugar, we may think eating bread is eating something sugar free but that to has hidden sugar in the form of being high on the glycemic index.  Although there are blatant attempts by the marketing companies to advertise cereal and cereal bars as healthy even though they contain all sorts of sugar.  I have not found one cereal that does not contain some sort of sugar, it is very difficult to find one.  The only thing is oats on their own that will have no sugar, there is 1 or 2 out of thousands of cereals that i have found that have honey or are without but they are very expensive.  So, all the cheap cereal has sugar, which is perfect for the medical industry, as the ones who will use the NHS will be those who are poor.  If they are eating sugar they are most likely to get sick and go to the NHS and make a profitable venture for them.


Eating a handful of Sugar

Their motto: “Get them addicted to sugar – a drug and get them in the Doctors for more drugs to counteract the initial drug”, just perfect way to make profits at the cost of someones’ lives.. This is much worse or just as same as what is happening in war torn countries, but under our nose making it seem like nothing but in fact it is killing of people much higher rate than those in these war-torn countries!!

Shocking to say the least and some sort of hidden agenda…call this a conspiracy theory, but for me this outright visible and isn’t hidden at all, as the statistics say it all.  The awareness that is happening is bringing all this to the surface but the movement is still very small to get the majority out of this epidemic of sugar addiction and ill-health.

At the moment all we can do is raise awareness and pray that things only start getting better.

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