What’s it all about really?!

Yes, can you tell me why vaccinate?
I can tell you in one sentence:
Lots of profit to feed the elite and to make the poor poorer and sick!


Yes guys it’s simple as that in my view. Do they actually do as everyone thinks what they do?

In fact, they are all in trial stages, they have never actually been tested and many just go ahead believing that they work.
They are made from the worst ingredients you could possibly imagine. Nearly most have aborted feotus in them! Yes, aborted feotus namely being over 12 weeks old and they cannot use miscarried feotus as they may have congenital deformities.

The aborted feotus has to be healthy and depressed or mentally ill individuals are coerced to comply after checking their baby is healthy.
Meningitis is one main vaccine, where 4 women came forward who were said to be mentally ill and they one was chosen and was deliberately aborted for this purpose alone.

Now some would class this as murder, and all religious scriptures class this as murder! After 12-16 weeks the soul is blown into the feotus. So a soul is killed or murdered just so they can create vaccines to make a good profitable margin. They kill a soul to then inject In individuals and mainly babies; aborted foetus in a newborn how ironic and sick!

This in turn causes illnesses in the individuals, more than likely they all get sick after a vaccine and it’s said to be okay and they begin shedding.
Don’t take my word for it, Barbara from explains a lot on this. There are many excellent resources to prove that their is No proof on vaccines reliability, AT ALL.

There have been much information on vaccine damage and how a lot more diseases that were unheard of century ago are now rampant, why?  Because Vaccines are only now used widely and some places made compulsory taking no due right to freedom and Human Rights.

You, of course can decline these vaccination legally as no one has a right to infringe on your rights.

If you would like more info, you can contact me here, I will be writing another post on this issue soon with more specific information for you all.

Peace for now!

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